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On my second day in LA I caught up with Greybird and his brother, Tim (first photo), who wined and dined me at a delightful restaurant near Disneyland and took me for a ride in their immaculate and soon-to-be restored Ford Galaxie.

The next day I braved the LA traffic (not recommended for one's first day driving on the wrong side of the road) and drove into Hollywood for the second stage of DariaCon LA, where I met the inimitable Madame Kara Wild, who put me up for the night in her Hollywood apartment. I admit that the sign on the side of her building (third photo) gave me cause for concern, but I soon learned that they put similar signs on ice cream, coffee, wine and just about anything. Cautious people those Californians, and always looking out for things that might harm us. :-)

We were soon joined by Chad and Michelle Klein-Haas and Michelle's main squeeze Richie.

Being hungry, and this being a Dariacon, did exeunt for a pizza. This was one of those moments where I cursed the fact that I'd left the camera back at Kara's, because this place made the biggest goddam pizza I've ever seen. We had one slice each, and none of us could finish - except for Chad who kindly polished off what the rest of us were unable to.

Yay Chad!

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Greybird and his brother, Tim, who took me for a ride in their immaculate old Ford Fairlane and treated me to a delicious meal at a restaurant opposite Disneyland. This was the night before I braved the LA traffic to visit Kara. Chad, Michelle, Richie, me, KaraThis had me worried until I realised that the government of CA was just concerned about health. Isn't that nice of them! Cecil B DeMill-inspired mallThe Kodak Theater is, so they tell me, where they hold the Academy Awards LocalsCool cars on display dscf0333.jpgMore locals Cecil strikes again!The inevitable sign An elfMichell and Richie with a friend Star Treck fans?The Chinese Theater You can't keep kids away from wet cementdscf0345.jpg Cap'n JackA well-deserved break Is thata  cool teevee or what?Amazing ceramic murals in the Red Line station

After a wonderful day, and a delightful evening and morning reading through some of Kara's brilliant DWU stories, I hit the road again for the trip north through California's central valley headed for Stockton. In retrospect I wish I'd left myself more time to spend with Kara, Chad, Michelle and Richie. If they'll have me back, I'd love to come again.